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About the course

Chaired by Ron Bell, Functional Safety Specialist, this online course will focus on the achievement of functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety-related systems in accordance with IEC 61508.

The course is comprised of three parts, with the first part undertaken on our e-learning platform in your own time in advance of parts one and two.

Intensive learning in three parts

Delegates will receive a link to part one of the course upon registration. It is mandatory to complete part one before attending part two and three.

The cost of the academy course is included in your registration fee.

Key highlights for 2023

  • Analyse the requirements of the International safety standard IEC 61508
  • Assess the organisational aspects of safety critical systems while studying projects related to various human cognitive and social considerations
  • Understand how to successfully design, manage and monitor safety critical systems in order to prevent errors and failures
  • Learn to integrate software safety and cybersecurity as a part of your overall safety strategy

What people said about the event

"Overall the course was well run and contained a wealth of material that will be very useful"

"The course provided an excellent overview of the required standards"

"The course provided me with a very valuable introduction to safety critical systems"

"The course provided an opportunity to refresh my knowledge of IEC 61508 and its application"

"I enjoyed the course and it met my expectations"