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About the course

The course is comprised of three parts, spread over two weeks, taking place virtually.

Intensive learning in three parts

  • Part one: Introduction to functional safety

  • Part two: Management, design, assessment, and maintenance

  • Part three: Software safety and cyber security

Please note that you can register for the whole course, part one, or part two and three.  However, it’s advisable to register for all three parts.

Parts two and three are a combined section, therefore you cannot register for only part two or part three.

Key highlights

  • Analyse the requirements of the International safety standard IEC 61508
  • Assess the organisational aspects of safety critical systems while studying projects related to various human cognitive and social considerations
  • Understand how to successfully design, manage and monitor safety critical systems in order to prevent errors and failures
  • Learn to integrate software safety and cybersecurity as a part of your overall safety strategy